Blue Room Cave

Blue Room Cave Curaçao CW

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The Blue Room also known as the Blue Cave is a unique and probable one of the most popular diving sites in Curaçao besides the Tugboat. Once you’re in the room, you’ll see by yourself why this place is so popular. It’s magical just like a fairytale. There are plenty of fishes in the area as well, so it’s ideal for snorkeling and diving.  To enter the cave, you have to dive about 1 meter deep, but don’t worry, there is plenty of room between the water and the ceiling of the cave.

It’s possible to hire a boat or guide to take you to the Blue Room, but it’s just as easy to walk over along the path which starts at the Santa Cruz Beach.

How to get there:

We recommend you to rent a car or take taxi if you want to go to the blue cave,