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You would not expect to see ostriches on Curaçao so quickly. However the climate and nature of Curaçao is a perfect habitat for Ostriches. At the Ostrich Farm you and your family can enjoy and learn everything there is to know about these amazing creatures on the Curaçao.

At Ostrich Farm Curaçao you will feel just as if you’re in South Africa! The Ambiance, animals and crew makes you feel just that. The Farm is located in a beautiful landscape on the road to Groot St. Joris in Santa Catharina. They offer a variety of activities that guarantees fun for the whole family!

Treat yourself at the of restaurant Zambezi, while the children play in the playground or enjoy the bouncer. The restaurant serves both lunch and dinner. And while heading back, don’t forget to visit de souvenir shop.

Opening hours and prices

The Ostrich Farm Curaçao is open daily from 9:00 to 16:30

The Zambezi Restaurant is open from 9:00 to 16:00 (Fridays open for dinner as well, with reservation)

The tours are every hour between 9:00 and 16:00


Book a tour!

The tour takes you across the farm in a safari truck and during the tour you will encounter all stages in the life of ostriches. The guide will take you through all these stages, from egg, to baby ostrich to adult. Find out all facts and funny details about ostriches. The tour starts every hour.

Safari tour

Adults - USD 17.00
Kids - USD 14.00

Safari tour + lunch

Adults - USD 37.50
Kids - USD 18.00

After the safari you will have lunch at the Zambezi Restaurant

Safari tour + dinner

Adults - USD 65.00
Kids - USD 18.00
After the safari tour you will have a great 3 course dinner at the Zambezi Restaurant.

You can buy your tickets at your arrival at the park or online here.


Bus route

From bus stop in Punda to The OstrichFarm 

Click here for the bus departure time tables, from Otrobanda and Punda

Bus 7B to Weto (from Willemstad - Post Punda)

  • Berg Altena 
  • Kaminda Saliña - Landhuis Hel 
  • Kaminda Saliña - Goudsmidsweg 
  • Kaminda Saliña - Winkelcentrum 
  • Moreno Boulevard 
  • University Of The Dutch Caribbean 
  • Zuikertuin Mall 
  • Santa Rosaweg 
  • Santa Rosaweg - SBN Doormanweg 
  • Santa Rosaweg - Winer Restaurant 
  • Santa Rosaweg - Pasenshiweg 
  • Santa Rosaweg - Postkantoon Santa Rosa 
  • Kaminda Rignald - Kaya Pita 
  • Kolegio San Martin de Porres 
  • Kaminda Rignald - Bentaweg 
  • Kaminda Rignald - Herst 
  • Kaminda Rignald - Kaminda Willems 
  • Kaminda Jose Papa - Kaminda Mitologia 
  • Kaminda Mitologia - Kaya Nereide 
  • Kaminda Mitologia - Kaya Kent U Zelf 
  • Kaminda Mitologia - Kaya Progreso
  • Toko Seru Prelu
  • Pearl of the Caribbean


The bus drive is 45 minutes to the bus stop ‘’Pearl of the Caribbean’’, from there you have to walk a proximally 20 minutes to The Ostrich Farm.