Plaza Bieu (Old Market Place)

De Ruyterkade Willemstad Curaçao

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Over the years, Curaçao has been home to many different cultures and so is the cuisine. The cuisine is made of flavorful blend mainly afro-Caribbean with Dutch, Venezuelan and Indonesian influences creating a truly special blend of flavors.

Once you’re in Curaçao you HAVE to try some of the most delicious dishes the island has to offer. If you want to try something typical of Curaçao then we encourage you to drop by Plaza Bieu in Punda and order one of their delicious dishes. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Don’t expect much ambiance. The Old Market Food Court resembles a large shed with picnic tables. There are several stalls serving foods. The local food is called Krioyo. Just to mention a few:  ‘’Kabritu Stoba’’ (stewed Goat), ‘’Giamabo’’ (Okra and sea food), ‘’Piska ku funchi‘’ (fried fish with polenta),’’ Komkomber Stoba’’ (Stewed Cucumber), ‘’Tutu ku Bakijouw’’ (Polenta with black eyed peas), ‘’Sopi Mondongo’’ (intestine soup Curaçao) and as a desert the famous and addictive ‘’Arepa di pampuna’’ (pumpkin pancake).