Christoffel National Park

Landhuis Savonet Weg Naar Westpunt Curaçao

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For all the nature lovers, Christoffel park is a must see! The park is rich with a variety of local flora and fauna teeming with local birds and plants, including species that are not easily seen elsewhere on the island. For examples orchids, owl and much more. And if you’re quiet and lucky enough you may also see the Curaçao white tailed deer of which there are only 250 left. 

There are many hiking routes for the whole family and of course couple of challenging ones for the adventurous souls.There are many hiking routes for the whole family and of course couple of challenging ones for the adventurous souls.

_____Plantation and Boka Grandi Trail: 1,5 hour hike

Walk through the former plantation, past a mahogany grove, wells, dams, a saliña (salt marsh) and limestone terraces to Boka Grandi. Enjoy beautiful panoramas of Landhouse Savonet and the surrounding hills; picnic at Boka Grandi.

……….White Tail Deer Trail: 20 minute hike

A short, shaded walk through the white-tail deer sanctuary with a stop at the Dos Pos (“two wells”) picnic area.

———White-Tail Deer Trail: 40 minute hike

An easy walking trail with a picnic area. The tail leads past ‘Dos Pos’ (“two wells”), the deer observation tower within the deer sanctuary and a part of the former irrigation works.

———White Tail Deer/ Boka Grandi Trail: 1,5 hour hike

Pass through the picnic area and the deer sanctuary to the north coast and Boka Grandi. Enjoy limestone terraces and panoramas of Landhouse Savonet.

…………Zorgvlied Trail: 1,5 hour hike

Hike to the Landhouse Zorgvlied ruins with their panoramic view, through typical vegetation and through Rooi Beru (dry river bed)

.._.._.._Santa Cruz Rooi Trail: 1,5 hour hike

Explore this area with its old wells, irrigation works, interesting geological formations and the Zevenbergen ruins.

.._.._.._Orchid Trail: 2 hour hike

This challenging trail runs through one of the most beautiful areas of the park, named ‘Shete Seru’ (Seven Hills). Look for lichens, beard mosses, bromeliads and orchids. Pass the manganese mine and several great photo ops over Landhouse Kenepa and the park. A ten minute side trail leads to ‘Seru Bientu’ (Windy Mountain), where the rare Sabal Palm grows.

_____Christoffel Mountain Trail: 2 – 3 hour hike

A strenuous hike and climb; up and down, starting from the visitor’s center it will take approximately three hours. From the foot of the mountain it will take two hours. Look for interesting geological formations, Rooi Beru (a dry river bed), lichens, beard moss, bromeliads and orchids along the way. Spectacular views of the island reward you at the top.

Opening hours and entrance fees:

The Christoffel park is open from Mondays to Sundays from 6:00 to 14:00

The ticket sales counter and entrance to the park, mountain and/ or museum closes at 13:30 !

Mountain climbing is only allowed until 10.00 am.
For your own safety it is not allowed to start the mountain climb after 10.00am!

Fees Christoffel Park + FREE entrance to Savonet Museum
Adults: Nafl. 25.00 / USD 14.50
Children 6-12 years: Nafl. 7.50 /  USD 4.50
Children 0-6 years: Free
Group fee: Nafl. 15.00 / USD 8.50 (groups must consist of 15 people or more)

Christoffel Park for local people + FREE entrance to Savonet Museum
(valid ID Sèdula or drivers license from Curaçao is required)

Adults: Nafl 5.00
Children: 6 – 12 years: Nafl. 5.00
Children: 0 – 5 years: Free
Prices may vary for special activities


Bus route

From bus stop Otrobanda to Christoffel Park.

Click here for the bus departure time tables, from Otrobanda and Punda

Bus 9A westpunt ( from Otrobanda)

  • Rodeweg - Jan Erasmusstraat 
  • Roodeweg - Piscaderaweg 
  • Weg naar Welgelegen - Charoweg 
  • Weg naar Welgelegen - Kaya Aura Winkel
  • Weg naar Welgelegen - Soeur Geradaweg 
  • Schottegatweg West - Amazoneweg 
  • Schottegatweg West - Paranaweg 
  • Souax 
  • Grote Berg 
  • Harmonie 
  • Daniel 
  • Landhuis Daniel
  • Tera Corá 
  • Landhuis Ascencion
  • Christoffel


The bus drive is 1h and 16 minutes to the bus stop ''Christoffel''. The bus stop is just in front of the information office and ticket service.