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Once among the island's most prosperous and wealthiest plantation, landhuis Kenepa was the site of the devastating slave rebellion that started on august 17, 1795 Led by a slave named Tula. Tula informed Kenepa landowner Casper Lodewyck van Uytrect, that the Africans captives refused to continue working on the plantation. Tula was told to go Fort Amsterdam with his complain, but knowing what wil happen to him there, Tula and other leaders of the revolt spread out into the countryside to convince slaves from other plantations to join them in an armed fight for freedom.

The sporadic battles against the Dutch in power lasted almost two months, but by October 3, the ringleaders, including Tula, were captured and publicly executed to deter any further insurrection. Though slavery was not officially abolished on Curaçao until 1763, the road to emancipation began at Landhuis Kenepa.

Landhuis Kenepa now contains a museum dedicated to the rebellion and the lives of the slaves who participated so bravely. The exhibits can be viewed trough modern audio- visual conepts,. You can visit the museum individually or with a guide for groups. 


Opening hours and entrance  (Museum only)

Adults: Nafl. 5.00 or USD 3
Children: Nafl. 3.50 or USD 2

The ticket sales counter and entrance to the Christoffel park and/ or museum closes at 13.30!

Tip: Not everything in this museum is self explanatory, therefore we recommend everyone to take a guided tour. This place has an important role in the history and culture of Curacao. As for Tula, his story continues to live on. For most of the locals, Tula is seen as some kind of action figure/ super hero.

Bus route

From bus stop Otrobanda to Museo Tula/ Landhuis Kenepa

Click here for the bus departure time tables, from Otrobanda and Punda

Bus 3C Lagun- Knip (from Otrobanda)

  • Rodeweg - Jan Erasmusstraat 
  • Roodeweg - Piscaderaweg 
  • Weg naar Welgelegen - Charoweg 
  • Weg naar Welgelegen - Kaya Aura Winkel 
  • Weg naar Welgelegen - Soeur Geradaweg 
  • Schottegatweg West - Amazoneweg 
  • Schottegatweg West - Paranaweg 
  • Weg Naar Wespunt - Sambil 
  • Weg Naar Wespunt - Landhuis Veeris 
  • Peruweg 
  • Helmin Magno Wiels Boulevard - Moontjesweg 
  • Universiteit Van Curacao 
  • Jan Noorduynweg - Juan Domingo 
  • Souax 
  • Malcolin 
  • Weg naar Westpun 
  • Grote Berg 
  • Harmonie 
  • Daniel 
  • Landhuis Daniel 
  • Tera Corá 
  • Landhuis Siberie 
  • Kapel-Matheeuw 
  • Kaminda San Sebastian 
  • Bisento 
  • San Juan 
  • Serapio Pinedo 
  • Soto 
  • Weg naar Santa Cruz 
  • Jan Donker 
  • Lagun 
  • Jeremi 
  • Knip


Bus drive is 1h and 12 minutes to the ‘’Knip’’ bus stop, from there you can walk a proximally 5 minutes to the museum