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Pietermaai District

Pietermaai Willemstad Curaçao

Pietrermaai is one of Curaçao’s four historic districts, Pitermaai lays just east of Punda. Once the most exclusive neighborhood on the Island, Pietermaai endured a long and painful period of deterioration. Especially after a hurricane named “ Orkan Grandi’’ (which means Big hurricane) in 1877. But recently it’s picked herself back up and become home of the island trendiest restaurants, clubs, shops and boutique hotels. When your exploring Punda, there is a big chance you will lend in Pietermaai, the vivid color buildings and stunning architecture is likely to catch one’s eye. It’s a neighborhood full of mystery, magic and fun. If you want something different then Pietermaai should definitely be on your list.