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Salt Ponds in Jan Thiel

Jan Thiel zoutpannen Curaçao CW

Besides the nightlife, beach and great atmosphere around the boulevard. The area of Jan Thiel has a one of a kind flora and fauna. Just a little bit deeper in the wilderness ‘’Mondi’’ as the locals call it, you will see the former Jan Thiel salt plantation. The saliñas are wide expanses of land which have been totally flattened. Ocean water was allowed into the flats and then trapped, so that it would evaporate under the heat of the sun, and leave behind its salt. The saliñas are covered in hard, crystallized salt of a pinkish hue. With a little bit of luck you can spot some flamingos in this area as well. This area is a popular hiking area for nature lovers and guided hiking tours.

Bus route

Bus route from bus stop in Punda to the entrance of Jan Thiel Salt Pond

Click here for the bus departure time tables, from Otrobanda and Punda

Bus 6A Punda- Caracasbaai (from Punda)

  • National Archaeological Memory 
  • Nieuw Nederland 
  • Oranjestraat 
  • Misa di Steenrijk 
  • Martin Luther King Blvd - Rotterdamweg 
  • Martin Luther King Blvd - Prinses Margrietplein 
  • Sunscape 
  • Mambo Beach 
  • Seaquarium Curaçao
  • Bon Bini Seaside 
  • Koraal Specht 
  • Rozenburg
  • Anasaweg - Amandelweg 
  • Anasaweg - Carawaraweg 
  • Caracasbaaiweg - Mamayaweg 


The bus drive is 28 minutes, the bus stop Caracasbaaiweg- Mamayagaweg, from there you have to walk 15 minutes to the entrance of the Salt Pond.