The Aloe Vera Plantation (Curaloe)

Willemstad Curaçao CW

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Curaçao is a leading producer in Aloe Vera, and visitors can visit and explore the production plant and garden from which Aloe Vera is harvested. The Plantation is not a touristic attraction, but it is free to visit. Besides informational videos, signs and folders, the plantation do not offer kind of tours. But nonetheless if you’re looking for genuine Aloe products, we encourage you to visit the plantation. You will be able to browse the shop where you can purchase a number of genuine Aloe Vera related products.

Opening hours

The plantation is open seven days a week from 9:00- 16:30

Entrance is free

Bus route

From bus stop in Punda to the Aloe Vera Plantation

Click here for the bus departure time tables, from Otrobanda and Punda

Bus 7B to Weto (from Willemstad - Post Punda)

  • Berg Altena 
  • Kaminda Saliña - Landhuis Hel 
  • Kaminda Saliña - Goudsmidsweg 
  • Kaminda Saliña - Winkelcentrum 
  • Moreno Boulevard 
  • University Of The Dutch Caribbean 
  • Zuikertuin Mall 
  • Santa Rosaweg 
  • Santa Rosaweg - SBN Doormanweg 
  • Santa Rosaweg - Winer Restaurant 
  • Santa Rosaweg - Pasenshiweg 
  • Santa Rosaweg - Postkantoon Santa Rosa 
  • Kaminda Rignald - Kaya Pita 
  • Kolegio San Martin de Porres 
  • Kaminda Rignald - Bentaweg 
  • Kaminda Rignald - Herst 
  • Kaminda Rignald - Kaminda Willems 
  • Kaminda Jose Papa - Kaminda Mitologia 
  • Kaminda Mitologia - Kaya Nereide 
  • Kaminda Mitologia - Kaya Kent U Zelf 
  • Kaminda Mitologia - Kaya Progreso


The bus drive is 37 minutes to the bus stop '' Kaminda Mitologia- Kaya Progresso'' from there you have to walk a proximally 5 minutes to tha Plantaion